Monday, June 11, 2012

a tailwind and a rabbit

I have a story to tell about last saturday's ride, but I'm not quite ready to do so yet.
instead, I'll tell you about rabbits and tailwinds.

the predicted overnight low last night was about 47 degrees, so I slept in (first day of summer break for my high schoolers!) and didn't ride until the temperature crept its way past 65 and sun filled the skies.
I chose to head up my favorite canyon, and started feeling the little push from behind before I even reached the mouth of emigration.
I seldom---okay make that never---mind a tailwind, even when I know it's going to hit me in the face the moment I turn around.  it's just plain old fun to go faster and work less as you're heading, well, anywhere, whether it's up a hill or on a flat stretch or even downhill.
about a mile into the canyon I caught site of two cyclists ahead of me.   the gap lessened and lessened, and soon I could tell one was male and one was female.  when I was almost within jersey-reading distance, the female took off ahead of the male.
I offered a hello as I passed the gentleman, and was just a couple bike lengths behind the female as she settled into a nice pace.
I was close:  I thought about passing her, but didn't want the pressure of knowing she was just right behind me for the rest of the climb, so eased off a bit.
and then had to step on it.
she kept going, and fairly soon I was 3 bike lengths behind her.
then 4 or 5, then 3 for a while, and then 4 or 5 and darn her, then about 6.
8, maybe 9.
then 10.

it's fun having a rabbit, someone out there in front of you.
I tend to work fairly hard when I'm on my own (or with others who are better than me), but sometimes that complacency kicks in and I slack a bit, as I told you the other day.  but this woman today made me work harder than I otherwise would have, and I have a new record for my 23-mile ride for the season.
which is great fun.

no slacking today.
not with a tailwind and a rabbit.

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