Friday, June 29, 2012

the garmin edge 500

last june for my birthday john gave me a toy.
a garmin edge 500, with which I can track all pertinent information as I ride my bike around the state.
after a ride I can simply twist it free of its holder, bring it in to my computer, hook it up, and download my stats.
I've gotten into the habit of doing this after each ride:  it's information I look at briefly, contrast with what I can remember of previous rides, use to form an assessment of my performance, and promptly forget.
but it's sure fun to look at for that sixty seconds.
below is what last saturday's ride looks like.
what it can't tell you, though, is how I suffered at the (almost) end of this ride, how I dismounted at 62 miles and stood over my bike, heaving as I tried to calm myself.  how I stood there, bent over the frame, for a good five minutes, unable to lift my head, move, take a drink (not that there was anything left in my water bottle), or move.  how it was probably another five minutes before I could walk twenty feet to a table, start to drink some water, then finally eat a granola bar.
okay, it was hot, okay, the three bottles of water I drank were apparently not enough.
okay, I worked hard, but geez.... I've never had a reaction like that before.
I've bonked before: this wasn't a bonk.  this was probably some version of heat exhaustion.
it was the pits.
but back to the garmin.
this little toy is just my best biking friend:  patient, full of information, dependable, truthful, and always ready to go on a ride.
just look at how much information it provides me!
now if it could only carry extra water for me.
and maybe a granola bar or two.

Distance:64.94 mi
Avg Speed:15.2 mph
Elevation Gain:4,534 ft
Calories:1,638 C
Avg Temperature:90.7 °F
Moving Time:4:13:50
Elapsed Time:5:21:08
Avg Speed:15.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed:15.4 mph
Max Speed:39.0 mph
Elevation Gain:4,534 ft
Elevation Loss:4,528 ft
Min Elevation:5,011 ft
Max Elevation:9,049 ft
Heart Rate
Avg HR:162 bpm
Max HR:183 bpm
% of Max
Avg Temperature:90.7 °F
Min Temperature:77.0 °F
Max Temperature:104.0 °F

5 miles10 km
© 2012 NAVTEQ© 2012 Microsoft Corporation


41:4001:23:2002:05:0002:46:4003:28:2004:10:00061218243036Speed (mph)


1020304050604,9005,6006,3007,0007,7008,4009,100Elevation (ft)
Heart Rate


41:4001:23:2002:05:0002:46:4003:28:2004:10:00100120140160180Heart Rate (bpm)


41:4001:23:2002:05:0002:46:4003:28:2004:10:0060708090100110Temperature (°F)Temperature:93.2 °FTime: 02:16:14 h:m:s
Temperature (°F)

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