Friday, May 18, 2012

may 17

ok, I know, I messed up.
first, I posted on the 15th, forgetting that my new guideline is to only post on prime number days.
second, I didn't post yesterday the 17th, which is a prime number day.

on the 15th I simply forgot my new rule.
on the 17th I plain old ran out of time.

and part of why I ran out of time is that I had to make two trips to the bike shop: to take my rear wheel in for a hub repair, and then later to go pick it up. WHICH is a beautiful thing and has earned the crew at CONTENDER BICYCLES on 9th south in SLC my undying gratitude!
bike shop boys are slammed this time of year, with everyone wanting to get their bikes in shape for riding.
and contender's clientele comprises a lot of serious riders who probably have the same intensity as I do about not wanting to give up a bike for more than half a day.
what, leave it overnight? are you kidding? how can I ride the next morning? I need it!
so I was thrilled when shawn took my wheel, my name, my phone number, and called me three hours later to tell me it was ready to go.

I don't always choose contender: I have a favorite bike shop boy at BINGHAM downtown, and my newest tire came from BEEHIVE on 15th and 15th, but as this wheel came from contender I thought I'd let them fix it. I'm all for loyalty, but there are just too many good shops--and people--around this town.

but the main reason I ran out of time yesterday is that it was my daughters' birthday: my babies are now 16 years old. 16!!! we won't talk about what that makes me.

so, sometimes I forget my guidelines, and sometimes the rest of my life takes priority over posting. work, bike repairs, children, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, oh, and actually getting on the bike and riding.
with my newly stabilized hub and rear wheel,
which is ever so nice.
thanks again, shawn.

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