Saturday, May 5, 2012

lucky me

this is one of the things I love best about my early, early morning rides this time of year:
when I get home, I appreciate everything more.
things we usually consider "normal," things we often take for granted, things we forget to notice:

  • coffee tastes heavenly

  • heat is luxurious

  • the hot shower tops the list of my favorite things ever

  • dry, sweat-free clothes are sumptuous

  • wheat toast with peanut butter tastes decadent

  • my grumpy teenage daughters are gifts from God
I appreciate every single thing in my home because I have it to return to.
I've been part of the world as it's awakened, I've been freezing, I've worked my muscles and heart and lungs until they ached, I've been filled with and enveloped in crisp, clean air.

and then---lucky me---I get to return home.

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