Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3's a charm . . . or something

I woke up to rain, a green and gray world, shiny black pavement.
but within a few hours the clouds began to separate and the roads reclaimed their mottled asphalt appearance, the gutters ran dry: time to ride.
a tailwind pushed me up the canyon, and fought me on the way down, but my music kept me cheered and the sun played hide and seek, shining enough to keep me from being coated in goosebumps.
all was well until I was a mile from home, when suddenly my back wheel did a little slide-y dance on me. huh? a few calm rotations and then it did it again. what? do I have a flat?
then my ipod died.
I pulled over, sure enough, flat rear tire, dead ipod.

it's possible it was a message from the universe. or more accurately, from my bike.
I'm not sure what role the ipod is playing---possibly just to tell me to stop singing and pay attention---but I'm quite certain there's a message in here about my rear tire:
I've had 3 flat tires in the past month.

yes, I am buying a new tire today.
I might be a slow learner, but I eventually get it.
the ipod is charging, the new tire will go on tonight: I'm ready to take on the rest of may.

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