Friday, November 19, 2010


I haven't needed my alarm clock all week.
each night I've set it for 4:35 am before turning out the light and begging for sleep, and each morning I've woken sometime between 4:15 and 4:30, sighing as I looked at the time.
I've awakened somewhere between somewhat-alert and energetic, a bit closer to the former than the latter. but I haven't awakened exhausted and dreading movement out of bed and toward activity, which strikes me as something quite great.

perhaps I truly am becoming a vampire.

that's what they call us, "they" being the people who attend power camp and spin classes at normal times of the day.
that's what they call those of us who wake up well before dawn, get our workout in, then leave the facility well before sunrise.
vampires. I kind of like it.

it's been a week of adjustment. back to the weight room, back on the spin bike. various body parts have issued complaints, from quads to abs to my--um--saddle interface area. I'm missing my real bike with its real saddle and ability to move me through space and time.
I sigh a lot these days.
but it's not until my skin starts to lose color and my eyeteeth sharpen that you all should start to worry.
I do suggest stocking up on garlic, because I have another sixteen weeks of this, and can't predict what might happen . . .

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