Monday, November 1, 2010

nowhere but there

it happened again today: I was doing my jogging thing and I became thoroughly, deeply, positively engrossed in the very moment I was living.
nothing past, nothing forward, nothing but the clear air and the movement of my legs, my feet connecting with the concrete beneath.
no worries about what happened or what's yet to come, what hasn't happened or what might.
this jogging thing is even better than cycling for being in the moment, at least for me at this stage in the game. ( this most likely occurs because my "jogging" takes away all my oxygen so quickly, and I have to stay focused to keep from following through on my desire to quit. )
regardless, I'm thrilled to have found a new way to be exactly where I am.
I still watch the time, I'm still glad when it's over, but while it's happening, I thoroughly enjoy that place of being nowhere but where I am, nowhere but where I'm apparently supposed to be.

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