Sunday, June 13, 2010

destination unknown

sometimes when I leave my house on my bike I know exactly where I'm going.
and sometimes I don't.
I equivocate: this would be good, but so would that, and this way will get me there, but this other way might be better, hmmm, what do I feel like doing, where do I want to go?

so, at times, I find myself approaching an intersection without a defined sense of which way my path leads.
I usually decide right before it's too late to change my mind, and find myself suddenly freed.
until the next intersection.

this usually happens on recovery days (because there is no good path) or questionable weather days (when I try to out-guess the clouds).
and the result is, almost always, a perfectly perfect ride that I never could have predicted.

now how much of this is just plain old good luck and how much is a result of intuition, I can't really say. my guess would be it's more the latter than the former, but then I tend to be that kind of a person.

how many times have you started one way, then changed your mind or flowed with some other guidance and suddenly found yourself doing something quite different that your original intent? and how often does this experience tend to have a bit of serendipity within?

last sunday's foxes, for example. when I left my house I had absolutely no intention of biking on that particular stretch of road where the kits were playing. and had I not twisted here and turned there, I never would have seen them.

I have turned left instead of right and avoided rain, seen rainbows, been startled by wildlife, met friends, discovered new vistas, found money . . . (okay, not the last one, well, yet, that is).
there is much to be said for flowing with this underlying intuitive process that none of us completely understand.
the lyrics to the song have been running through my head ever since I've thought about writing about this topic, and I think I'm going to let them stay there. I'm learning to believe there's something quite wonderful about approaching aspects of life with your destination unknown.

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