Tuesday, April 13, 2010

two and twenty-two

I have two more mornings of waking up at 4:41.
two! that's it!
I've been counting them down, and I am so very happy to be at two.
because I'm tired of it.
this is one of life's truisms: change is refreshing.
and I'm ready for a little change.

I can't imagine myself living in southern california or florida or some tropical island where the weather is consistently pleasant or better. I like snowstorms and thunder storms and days when the activity outside makes you grateful for your cozy couch, fireplace, hot coffee and books. I like rain and fog and even sleet and hail, for they all make me appreciate the sun even more when it comes back out.
I try to stay away from the B word, but perfect weather, I fear, would bore me.

sleeping in every morning would get old as well. it's good to have a reason to get up, a purpose, tasks to accomplish. and just like the weather, it's the difficulty of getting up early five days a week that allows you greater appreciation of the days the alarm doesn't need to be set.

being lazy would also become tiresome. I love my recovery days that are true recovery: no biking or jogging or weight room stints. it's nice to spend time doing other things besides exercising, and it's nice to let your body have a spot of rest. but a spot is usually enough, and then it's back to wanting to move again.

and now it's time to change up my exercise routine. power camp has been great, and this last month of weaning us (classes just 3 days a week instead of 6) has allowed a gradual reintroduction of outdoor riding and yoga to my life. but I'm ready for the big change, when I say so-long to the 5:02 am arrival at the spin room.

as the weather warms and the days stretch themselves out a little more, I'll move to the 5:13 wake-up with a 5:30 am send-off from my driveway.
I can't explain just how incredibly helpful those extra 22 minutes are.

and I can't wait to remember just how incredibly helpful those extra 22 minutes are.

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