Saturday, April 17, 2010

truly fantastic

here are some of today's firsts:
  • first time up big cottonwood in april, mid-april, no less
  • first time riding my bike past a ski resort, watching the chair lift go up and the skiers and boarders come down, me in my sleeveless jersey and the skiers in their snow gear
  • first time jake got to climb up to brighton with me
  • first time I've ever seen (and heard) a green, plastic, yodeling pickle
that's enough, I think.

what a glorious, perfect, beautiful day.
this is not to say that my ride was a piece of cake. it was much harder than I wanted it to be, and there were many moments when my cheerleader-self had to jump in and save me from certain death, or at least deep despair.
but I conquered, the sun shone, the tailwinds pushed me beautifully, warm air caressed my bare arms . . . truly, I could not have asked for more.

what a fantastic day.

oh, the pickle, you ask? well, let me just say that my biking friends are such a gift to me: I love them. this was apparently a gift from one to another, and it came up the canyon with us in someone's back pocket. (no names: I feel I should protect their privacy. not sure why.)
just think about that for a minute. the pickle in the pocket, not the no-names policy.
to see (and hear) this fabulous item, follow this pickle link. be sure to click Try the VIRTUAL yodeling pickle . . .

if your day hasn't already been fantastic, I'm pretty sure the pickle will make it so.

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