Saturday, April 3, 2010

recovery day

it started with a sore throat last evening.
the middle---I hope---has been me, on the couch most of the day, watching a dvd of the first season of The Starter Wife.
the end---I hope---will begin soon, when a little energy returns, my throat stops hurting, my head stops aching, and I feel like I can return to life.

I'm not at death's door.
I'm not even incapacitated.
I'm just under the weather and trying not to be grumpy about it.

I just prefer being healthy, energetic, motivated, productive.

my big accomplishments of today have been a quick run out to 1) get bagels for tomorrow's brunch, 2) get paint chips for my girls to look at and choose a color for their walls, 3) fill up the car with gas, and 4) buy a dozen crickets for the frog.
I've also stuffed plastic easter eggs for tomorrow morning's hunt (133 of them), mopped the floors so that my kids won't become covered with dust and dog hair as they search for eggs, unloaded the dishwasher (the plastic plate that I tried to put away on a high shelf that slipped right out and hit me on the bridge of my nose: no big deal. what's one more aching body part?), and eaten every carbohydrate that was in my house.

while I was out running my errands (in my baggy sweats, no makeup, hair pulled up in a clip, sunglasses on to protect my identity) I saw a few hearty cyclists out in the barely-40-degree weather, and I thought to myself, oh yes, I remember what it's like to want to ride a bike . . .

so we'll just call this a recovery day, in the spirit of positive thinking, and hope that sometime during the evening or night I will actually recover.

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