Friday, January 1, 2010

binary code

today just seems like binary code to me; everything reduced to its simplest version.
today is a microcosm of the year to come:
a workout with my butt in the saddle. chores. work-related activity. caring for my dog. dishes. laundry. interactions with fellow human beings. a shower. hair care, make-up, shaving my legs. moments of pleasure. moments of relaxation. observations of fellow human beings. entertainment. expenditures. conversations about the mundane, and about the significant. time spent reading. eating. overindulging in chocolates. shivers and sighs and cuddling up with pillows and blankets. thinking, contemplating, manifesting. being grateful.


happy new year, complete with wishes and hopes that each of us find plentiful time for those things that bring us pure joy.

and most importantly, a wish that you may always remember the root and core of your own personal binary code.

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