Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the stew pot

a number of thoughts have crossed my mind this morning, but none seemed significant enough to hold my interest for a whole mini-essay.
here are a few of them:

the house on the hill that looked liked the perfect grinning-monster Halloween house: two big square windows for eyes, with a larger one positioned just below that made a big rectangular mouth. they were all lit up, and the house was alone up on the hillside, and it just shouted spooky, mean, demonic grin to me. and then I rode on.

joggers and runners who are out there in the dark, in the street, with no lights or reflective strips on them, anywhere: (now this one almost qualified for its own essay, but I just don't have it in me today.) what are they thinking? part of me can relate, as I love the feeling of being one with the dark, with the cool air and the dense atmosphere, moving through it so quietly, not disturbing a thing. light changes that. but reflective strips on your clothing don't, and it just seems crazy to not have some kind of early warning system for cars and even us cyclists. I have had runners suddenly appear in my vision, six or seven feet away from me, that I could have taken down quite easily, which would have completely disrupted any sense of peace either one of us was cultivating.

where have all the cyclists gone? I saw one this morning, whom I believe to be my daily commuter, and that was it. have they changed their schedule so that they can ride in the evening now? am I one of that teeny tiny population that is (pick one, or more, if you wish) too stubborn, too rigid, too inflexible, or too type-A personality to give up this piece of my routine? mornings work for me ~ I get up and start going before I have time or projects or functioning brain cells to talk myself out of it. and it's not THAT cold out there, yet.

traffic: there was not nearly as much traffic today as yesterday, which is curious.

the house where the man usually sits at his desk by the big picture window: he's almost always there, and sometimes there's a female with him, also. the house has been dark since last wednesday morning, which is highly unusual. I'm thinking they must be on vacation. because people who are consistently awake at doing something at their desk at 6 in the morning are probably not going to change into people who sleep in, are they?

mileage: it is the first of october, and I have 7650 miles on my odometer. I believe I started the season with about 3500 (I don't really know ~ can you believe that? I seem like the type who would know, don't I?) and my goal is to reach 8000 before the snow keeps me from riding. I did become a wimp late last fall, refusing to ride if the roads were wet or if it was in the low 40s. I'm thinking I will have no problem at all reaching my goal, and I might even need to revise it upward . . .

so that's my mini-collection of thoughts, none of which are worth a whole entry of their own. at least not today, when my mind is into short-term activities and not deep contemplation.

happy october!

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