Sunday, October 12, 2008

small acts and candles

I began this web log on July 19, right in the heat of cycling season. I chose to create this site for a couple reasons: first, to force myself to write at least something on a consistent, daily basis, and second, to give me an opportunity to "put myself out there," sharing thoughts about an activity I love, following that Christian (? not sure how many other religions hold to this same tenet) belief that we are supposed to let our light shine out for the world to see.

"this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine . . . hide it under a bushel? no! I'm going to let it shine!" . . . those are words from a song we teach our children: what kind of an example am I to them if I don't live by those words as well?

so, I'm letting my light out, and the world can choose to enjoy and make use of my light, or not, and either choice is fine because my light is still exposed and contributing to the greater light in the universe. I am doing my part.

I don't put my thoughts and observations out there to make you all agree with me, but to just share my perspective on the world. for it is by being exposed to and finding some understanding of others' perspectives that we come to participate more fully in the world. if we continue to just walk our own narrow path, never listening to or experiencing that of others, we are limited in how and what we give back to the world.

if I help to challenge a thought someone holds, or expose a new thought, then I am helping to increase understanding, awareness, and ultimately compassion in our world. and I truly believe this all begins with one simple candle and one simple mind. as mother teresa said, there are no great acts, just small acts performed with great love.

I have great love for my writing, for my cycling, and for the relationships we create with each other. and that is why I write as I do, why I share here as I do.

now, this is not anything like what I sat down to write here today.

this is an example of how there are times when the thinking mind can be undermined. I was going to write about this morning's yoga class, the snow, and my need for a better program of cross training. and I even began that way, as I mentioned the date I started this site, and how it was peak cycling season at that time. I was then going to move into how things have changed, now that it's october 12th.
but you can see what happened instead . . .
I could go back and change it all, revert to my original plan, just junk all those other thoughts. but I won't, because I believe those "other thoughts" came out of my fingers for a reason.
so I am done now, off, my point made and not wanting to be belabored.
I am heading out the door to go do a small act, one I will do with great love.
as I did my yoga class this morning, with great love for myself, because guess what? that counts, too.

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