Wednesday, October 15, 2008


the day is here!
this is my 100th posting, and I decided this needs to be a celebratory post, so here goes:

this web log has been in existence since July 19. 2008
I have posted some kind of writing each day of its existence
my web log is 89 days old
some days I post more than once :)
I've now been biking consistently for 28 months or approximately 121 weeks
that's 1.35 weeks of biking for each posting
I like math
I will always credit Liz Johnson for the fact that this log exists
she smiles when I say, write, or think that
I'm thinking I could bake a cake to celebrate . . .
but I would want to eat the whole thing

at my kids' grade school they used to have "100th Day" celebrations. some teachers would start the year with an empty jar, and each day would have a student put something ~ like a marble ~ in the jar. then on the 100th day, when 100 items were in the jar, they would have a celebration. my kids often had to bring 100 of something in on this day: 100 paper clips, 100 rubber bands, 100 raisins, m&ms, toothpicks, stamps, pictures . . . whatever they came up with.

if I had put one dollar in a jar each time I posted, I would now have almost enough to buy a new rear derailleur.

I'm thinking I should institute such a practice for my next 100 posts. because I can live without that new derailleur through the rest of this fall, but I am surely going to want it by the time spring rolls around . . . and if I keep posting at my current pace, let's see . . .

by january 23, 2009, I will have posted another 100 writings, and will have just about enough money in my jar to pay for that new derailleur.
but since January 23rd is not really spring, I could keep putting dollars in my jar and work toward some other new treat for my bike, as well. let's see, there are some really cool pedals out there that I've never tried . . . speedplays . . . and I can get some titanium pink ones for a mere $305.

I will have to write more frequently if I want them on my bike by spring.

or give myself a raise.

regardless, I am pretty darn pleased to have hit 100. I'll have to celebrate again when I reach 100 days: I don't think I'll have a hard time convincing myself to celebrate that one as well. october 26, not too far away ~ I'll try to think of something more exciting than what I've come up with today to celebrate my
100 days of being a web log owner.

the raise is definitely going to happen. this is the cool thing about being one's own boss.

happy 100!

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