Tuesday, April 8, 2014

not riding

last weekend I went out of town.
I took my bike.
I packed a bag with appropriate biking wear, helmet, shoes, treats for the ride, sunglasses, gloves.
I'd been there before and knew plenty good routes, and had scoped out a new one, too.  I had my garmin, and was eager to keep adding miles to my training, to my workouts, to my life experiences.

my bike never left its spot in the back of my car.

saturday, well, I was busy with some writing work, and it was on the cold side, and there was always sunday.

sunday, well, it looked cold, and the wind was strong, and . . .

when I came home I unpacked.  I took my bike out of the back of the car and put the front wheel back on. I hung up the jacket, and put the gloves and hat in the drawer with the helmet and glasses.  the shoes went back on their shelf, and the treats back into their tin above the fridge.

and life goes on.

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