Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a capricious wind

a cycling mentor of mine says she loves the wind.
I am constantly trying to incorporate---bring into my body---that attitude.  I think about it, I tell myself I love the wind, I say I am grateful for it . . .  and it still, almost always, gets my goat.*

some days are excellent for riding east, some for riding south.  occasionally, we'll get a day that's perfect for riding north.  and sometimes it's a pure pleasure to ride west.

today, however, was a perfect day for riding, and I loved the wind.
it was behind me, then beside me.  it was in my face and then on my other side.
and then it was behind me again.
then in my face.
and it was all good.

and I'm going to work very hard to remember my enjoyment of the wind today, to remember that wind isn't evil, to remember that it's always a gift of one kind or another.  I know that what made it better today was its fickleness, the fact that it wasn't continuously against me for any significant length of time.  the longest stretch of in-my-face was perhaps 4 miles, which is tolerable.

so, outside of having a tailwind my entire ride, my next choice is a capricious wind.  here, there, leaping from side to side, playing catch as catch can with leaves and with soaring hawks.
and with cyclists.

*if you want to have a little fun, try to find the origin of this idiom.  

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