Sunday, February 16, 2014

the back-up bike

a year ago john bought me a beautiful new bike.
it's shiny and sleek, black with subtle bright green and white accents.  it's light and responsive and shifts like a dream.  it has a super lightweight wheel set, and is an all-around fabulous bike.  it takes me to incredible places, and tolerates my getting it wet and grimy and gritty.
it's an awesome bike.

then there's my former bike.  an awesome bike, itself, with a great wheel set.

when I prepare for a ride, the thought to ride my former bike never even crosses my mind.  why would I?

I understand that some people have multiple bikes and choose which one to ride based on road conditions, weather conditions, how long they'll be riding, what their mood is that day.
I just choose the best bike every day.
I don't protect it from elements, hours and hours of work, or questionable road surfaces.
perhaps I should . . . and I'm not being critical of those who make different choices.  I only speak for myself.
because when I think about the end of my riding days, I'm pretty sure I won't be caught saying,
gosh, I wish I hadn't ridden my Time bike quite so much.  I wish I would have saved it for special occasions.  I wish I'd ridden it less.

uh-uh.  not going to happen.
I'm quite certain I'll be thinking, thank God I rode that bike so darn much.  I'm so glad I loved it, and chose it every time I rode somewhere.  I'm grateful for how well it supported me, and all the great experiences it gave me.  thank God I rode that bike as much as I did.

so I don't really need a back-up bike.  it just grows sad and lonely, and dusty.
because why would I ride anything less than the very best bike I own?
I wouldn't.
just as I drink coffee from my favorite mug, sleep on my favorite sheets, use my favorite towels, and treat myself to favorite treats, I want to ride my favorite bike.
so I do.

life is fragile, every day a gift.  I like to make sure I love and am grateful for each day I'm alive, and riding my favorite, most awesome bike is a terrific way to ensure both of those things.

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