Tuesday, February 4, 2014

150 miles and no major climbs

I have a collection of beautiful, amazing, nutty, a little bit crazy, terrific cycling friends.
I met them through a winter indoor cycling program we've all done over the years, some of them every year, some for just a few years,  and some who did it regularly until they moved out of the state.

we get together semi-regularly for dinner or for events, and the out-of-towners can often fly in to join us.  what's most fun, quite often, is the email chain that builds as we discuss things, and so today, I'm sharing with you a bit of the fun.


J (in seattle):  hey superfriends!  while I sit here in rainy seattle, I dream of both skiing and summer bike rides so....   check out this 150 miler near sandpoint, idaho,  chafe150.org.

L:  tempting for sure and definitelly amazingly beautiful there... however, same weekend as Wahsatch steeplechase and I might want to do that this year...

J (in seattle):  you can fly into spokane, lots of commercial flights into there.... just sayin'..... M and I are registered.

A:  in the mean time, you can all learn "how to be a road biker,"

B:  150 miles and no major climbs?  why not just go to a movie?

L:  the bike seat might be more comfortable than a movie seat...

B:  what about the gran fondo in moab...anybody up for that?

S:  this sounds better than the sandpoint 150.... not sure if it's better than a movie, though.

B:  oh, it's NOT better than a movie.   but you do have to exercise sometimes, you know.

B:  hey all, it snowed and the air cleared!  we're thinking of having a celebratory dinner this saturday, let us know if you're interested.

T:  we have symphony tickets, but if others can come I will change the date of the tickets.

B:  symphony?  why not just go on a 150 mile bike ride with no hills?

A:  it's a toss up on which seats are more comfortable...

R:  dinner sounds better than 150 miles or symphony.  I'll bring wine.

J (in seattle):  seattle kids are out, can't make it.  hopefully we'll be back soon for more skiing!  miss you guys!

L:  not sure we can make it... we're going to have 6 kids under 9 years old at our house this weekend... I'll let you know.

B:  wow.  6 kids < 9 years old.  I'd rather ride 150 miles with no hills.

L:  or we could watch a movie.  or go to the symphony.

R:  I'll bring wine.

what I have to say is this:  thank God for friends.  

friends are more fun than 150 mile bike rides without hills.  or the symphony.  or a movie.   just sayin.

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