Saturday, July 7, 2012

the other problem with riding your bike all night long

is the recovery.

especially for us ahem older folk.  I am no longer 20, 30, or even 40.  or in my late forties.
I've finally hit that point where I can start blaming everything on how old I am.
my eyes are going,
it takes longer to recover from everything,
I need more naps.
I can't ride as fast,
I need help with housework,
reaching for things and bending are much more difficult.
um, let's see what else.
I've got to go to bed earlier,
I need more chocolate cake.

the day after the ride-all-night-ride I took 4 naps, and was so-so-so grateful to finally collapse in bed at 10:45 that night.
then I was grateful to collapse in bed the next night.
and I experienced that same gratitude last night.......
I'm already thinking about how excited I am to be going to bed in a few hours.

yep, I'm old.

gonna ride slower, gonna take longer to recover.
gonna take more naps, eat more chocolate cake, ask for more help.

there are obviously a few benefits of getting older .  .  .  I've heard one of those benefits is wisdom, but apparently---from observing that I committed to and actually followed through with riding my bike all night long---I haven't quite mastered that one yet.

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