Thursday, July 19, 2012


it's been four years---quatre ans---since I created the tao of cycling and posted my first mini-essay.
although I've dropped back from posting daily to posting every other day, to posting only on prime numbered days (when I can figure that out), I've come to a fork in the road.
yep, one of my favorite pictures I dredged up from a past post.
the great thing about this kind of fork is that the tines are all leading to the same direction . . . they're just spaced slightly apart, and thus have parallel but slightly different trajectories.
it's time for me to move to a new tine for a span of time as my life adjusts itself around some fairly significant changes.
I'm really not a drone, but I do like depending on certain patterns, and setting expectations for my own behavior.  I like knowing that I will ride my bike 5-6 mornings a week, and that I will go to yoga at least once.  I've appreciated my commitment to this blog with its consistent posting "rules," and so as I let go of this a bit more, I am a bit bereft, thinking about how I will go forward.
if I'm not committed to posting daily, on odd days, on prime days, or ever . . . will I post?
will I feel a sense of freedom?
will I experience an increased desire to write and post?

sometimes when our "have to's" become "choose to's" we feel/think/behave differently in regards to them.
just knowing we have a choice in the matter can change our outlook.
I learned this years and years ago, when my oldest son was quite young.  his care demanded much from us physically and emotionally, and at times the weight was overwhelming.  one of our health care providers suggested, oh so gently, that we consider different ways of caring for him, one of which was that he live outside our home.  we did not make that choice, but just knowing we had options lightened our load.

so, I'll keep writing now and again, when I am inspired, when I experience the desire.  you will read me when you read me, and I hope the two come into a beautiful balance.
be well, and keep an eye out for forks in your own road.


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