Friday, November 20, 2009


I promised scintillating, didn't I?
not titillating: get your mind out of the gutter.
scintillating, sparkling, brilliant . . . coruscating . . .

I fear I will let you down again.

here is the truth: this week has taken its toll on me. ridiculously early morning awakenings, no increase in caffeine intake, too many sweets, kid things here and there and now over there as well, phone/email/fax, mental musings, and those never-ending errands, have all joined together to create a melting pot of too much.
well, too much to leave me time to ponder and create coruscatingly brilliant writings. scintillatingly stunning essays. sparkling, brilliant and witty prose.

instead, this is what I've been writing this week:
  • please excuse my daughter's absence from school as she . . .
  • please dismiss my son at 1:45 today for his appointment with the doctor . . .
  • enclosed please find your check for . . .
  • please accept my apology for taking so long to get this to you . . .
  • enclosed please find my daughter's application for your program . . .
  • yes, my son has my permission to be given the H1N1 shot . . .
and most significantly, I have been writing an X in the spot by my name each day this week in the power camp roster.

phone calls I've made this week:
  • to my son's doctors and school.
  • to my other son's bus company and nurse.
  • to my daughter's potential school.
  • to my other daughter's other potential school.
and a phone call every evening, to the 3rd district court to see if my number has been called to report for jury duty. thank goodness, the answer each evening has been no.

thoughts I've had this week:
  • I'd sure like a nap.
  • I wonder if more caffeine would help.
  • is it time for more ibuprofen yet?
  • I think maybe I'm caught up on everything. oops, never mind.
  • I wish I were riding my bike outside.
  • I don't care for the weight room.
  • gosh I ache.
  • am I really 3 years older than last time I did power camp?
  • is 7:30 too early to go to bed?
  • I'd sure like a nap.

so perhaps sparkling, witty musings will pour forth tomorrow.
because, you see, tomorrow I get to sleep in.
no alarm, no power camp, no weight room, just a leisurely arising whenever I darn well feel like it.

may you have the same.

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