Tuesday, October 1, 2013

sightings: sheep, racks and toes . . . and a girl on a bike

instead of continuing to moan about how  s l o w  my recovery seems to be and how  s l o w l y  I seem to be riding these days, I decided to share with you three of my favorite "sightings" in the past 48 hours.

first, on sunday john and I rode our mountain bikes on a dirt and gravel road in the uinta (which comes from a Ute Indian word meaning 'pine forest') national forest.  snow bunched in leafy spots and lined the shady edges of the road, and within half a mile of starting out we found ourselves riding through a sheep herd.  baaaa.  fat sheep, less bulky sheep, a few black sheep, lots of skittish sheep traveling our same direction, crossing the road and up along narrow paths, munching grasses alongside the road, running away from me every time I baaaa-ed back or said hello.  jumpy things, they are, and not terribly attractive, but quite fun to ride along with, watching them scurry away from my slowly moving big fat muddy tires.

second, this morning on my ride up emigration canyon a handful of motorcyclists passed me.  all were courteous, but one made me grin because he was carrying his mountain bike on a rack on the back of his motorcycle.  whee!

third, yesterday evening I watched as a large gentleman in his late sixties settled himself in the chair in the nail salon, slipped off his socks and shoes and rolled up his pantlegs, stepped his feet into the water-filled tub before his chair, and sat back to enjoy his pedicure.


sheep will be sheep--and I do find them quite humorous--and I love to see people doing what they love to do.  which means, I suppose, that if someone showed me a picture of myself riding up the canyon today, back tight, torso aching, sweating, moving all too slowly, I would have to say,
ah, there she goes, doing what she loves.
way to go, girl.

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