Wednesday, June 19, 2013

speaking of discipline

I have been slacking on my posting.

I began this blog almost five--gulp--years ago as a tool for practicing my writing skills.
over time I've posted 991 unique and varied blurbs and essays (and the occasional quote belonging to someone else), beginning daily and slowly working my way down to where I now sit, in the place of posting only on occasion.

though the world can easily live without my posts, it doesn't feel good to me.  get in or get out, don't stick a toe tentatively in the water:  be there, or don't.  half-hearted commitments feel . . . not great.
therefore, I made a new commitment with myself the other morning as I was riding up my canyon, thinking about all those things I might or might not want to write about.  I like to have plans, commitments, schedules:  these aids help me be impeccable with my word (thank you, miguel ruiz) and be in integrity.

personal responsibility is sorely lacking in our world, the key to successful community, and a tenet of my life philosophy.

all of this just to let you--and me--know that my new commitment is to post here weekly, each monday or tuesday, come what may.  oh, caveat:   I am allowed to post more frequently, if inspired.  grin.

they say when you set goals you should write them down and share them with others:  check mark.
see ya next week.

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