Friday, March 8, 2013

shopping for a new bike, part III

wednesday was cannondale day:  I took the evo supersix for a short ride.  I wanted to get a feel for descending, so climbed about 800 feet so that I could swoop a few times, around a few corners, down a straight line, get a sense of how it handles.
it handles quite nicely.  quite.  in fact,
it was much more fun than it was supposed to be . . .

you see, I had pretty much decided I was going to go with the time.  my tuesday ride on the time (the time trial time trial) was so good and the discussion I had with ryan at contender about the craftsmanship of time frames had convinced me that purchasing the time was the way to go.
and then I rode the cannondale again.
and that cannondale is---get ready for it, I have a big, perfect word here---zippy.
yep, zippy.
it was fun.
and zippy.

it felt great, it handled well, it cornered and swooped and sped up and moved with me and darn it all, it was fun and zippy.

it's not like I can even say "I want them both," because they are too similar, they both do the same things, they are within centimeters of each other on a continuum of road bikes and their performance.  if I had them both, it would be a dilemma every day of which to ride.

I've learned in the last few years of my life the Big Secret of Decision Making and it is this:  the decision itself is usually far less important than just making the decision.  let me state that again.
the decision you make usually matters less than the fact that you made the decision.
the struggle and indecisiveness are almost always disproportional to the importance of the decision.
we overthink most every decision we make.
yes, or no.
this or that.
just do it.

so I left contender that day having made a decision.
the time, or the cannondale.  yep.  I had made my choice.  which one do you think I chose?

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