Friday, November 16, 2012

the new toy

preface:  this is not about cycling.  (well, only a little, and only at the end.)

prologue:  I hate making coffee.  measuring grounds, filling the reservoir, all of it.  hate it.  but I like drinking coffee. there you go.

chapter one:
2 years ago I visited my brother and his family in texas.  they had a keurig coffee machine, and I fell in love with it.  I popped a pod in, pushed a button, and voila, had a cup of coffee.  sigh.  bliss.  I decided then and there that when I hit my stride, had enough money coming in to feel secure and comfortable, I would treat myself and buy such a machine.  it would be an indulgence, a luxury, a goal to shoot for and one day reward myself with.

chapter two:
I got married.  john drinks regular coffee, and I drink primarily decaf.  for the first 3 months of our married life we had 2 coffee pots on the counter . . . his and hers, regular and decaf.  in planning a kitchen remodel we considered a built-in, cup-at-a-time coffee maker (that housed both regular and decaf beans) to eliminate those 2 cumbersome machines.  boy are those things expensive.

chapter three:
someone suggested we try a keurig.

chapter four:
we bought a keurig, some decaf pods and some regular pods.  john brewed the first cup, sipped, smiled, and sighed in contentment.  I brewed a cup of decaf, sipped, smiled, and sighed in contentment.
we no longer had to fill our coffee machines the night before, we no longer had to guess how much coffee we wanted to drink before we drank it, we no longer needed two separate machines in the morning.  we learned we could have a cup of fresh, hot coffee in about 30 seconds.  we glowed.

chapter five:
I am now a happy camper, with one small not-too-expensive, neat machine on my counter, a happily caffeinated John and a happily not-too-caffeinated me.  we and our keurig plan to live harmoniously for the rest of our days.  or at least until they invent a new coffee-making method that improves upon the one-cup-at-a-time keurig.

some toys are worth every penny you pay for them.  my bike and my keurig top that list.

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