Thursday, November 17, 2011

prepare yourself

and skip this if you are one easily offended, disturbed, repulsed, disgusted, or if you are narrow-minded or misogynistic. (right, like anyone who is these things would admit to it. if you continue reading, it is by your own choice.)
it has little to do with cycling, unless you were to look back at the scandal caused by the women who first wore the split-skirted outfits that allowed them to ride a bicycle. if you were to look at that, then this would just flow right into it all.

my step-father recently sent me a copy of an article from the New Yorker about planned parenthood's history and present battle. it's lengthy. it shines a light on how very far we've come in understanding humanity. it showcases our progress, and our lack thereof. it highlights our fears, our lack of vision, our inability to see anything outside of what we choose to see.

and although I hold a position on abortion atop the fence, believing that it is at times necessary and always awful, what planned parenthood offers communities is much, much more. and there are times when a girl, a young woman, a female, needs a place to go for help.
so my conclusion is a simple one, and I phrase it in the form of a query:

what if we could remove all of the men from the discussion, the voting, the laws?

this removal is justified by the fact that not a single male could ever, ever, possibly comprehend what is involved. ever. no matter what they think or believe or feel.

perhaps then, and only then, could we come to fair and reasonable decisions that support life in all forms.

men, back off.

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