Wednesday, September 17, 2008

moonlight sonata

[you may want to visit YouTube and play the audio while reading the following, and if you do so, enjoy!]

are there any people out there who don't love the moon?
do we all feel some attraction to it, and is some of that biological, part of how we're made as inhabitants of a land that is circled by a lunar body and subject to some lunar pull?
or is it just us romantic fools out there who feel this connection and experience bliss at moments when we gaze at that globe of rock and craters that graces our night skies?
before you decide I'm crazy, know that I have visited the following site and had every myth I've ever thought of clinging to debunked. []
but I am a moon child, born in the zodiac sign of cancer, so I just accept that it's part of who I am and the rest of you can join me in joyful moon gazing, or not.

this morning was a 5:35 start, with a ride up emigration the plan. it was warmer than last week, for which I was grateful. and it seemed even brighter than last week, which made no sense at all since we're in the phase of shortening days, not the opposite. but about half a mile up the canyon it all came together, and I realized it was the moon up above me lighting my way, not an early dawn. bill had already turned off his light, and I finally decided to be brave and do the same, and we rode up the canyon by moonlight. what an amazing treat! it was warm (ish), and the moon shone strongly enough to guide us, and we were the only cyclists on the road.
where was everyone this morning?
it's really okay, as I didn't need a single other soul out there, but I knew what they were all missing, and felt almost selfish to be having this experience while they were not.
at the top we decided to ride down to little dell, and this is always one of the highlights of my day. I want to learn to better carry the vision, and the sensation of flying down the road toward it, with me throughout the day. I close my eyes and can still see it, the lightened sky still before sunrise, the reservoir dark and silvery, the quiet mountains surrounding and protecting this body of water, my own private spot.
I will always remember these days of having this experience. I hope to be riding for many more years, but if for some reason I stop, I will always have this vision of little dell to hold on to, and I know it will always be a place of peace for me.
by the time we climbed back up to the summit the moonlight had become superfluous as far as our vision needs, but left us both with an incredible gift of an experience.

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